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What does the kitchen sink and Peaceful Parent have in common?

I love my kitchen sink. It has this amazing faucet that is not only beautiful but responds to the touch of my finger. All I have to do is tap it and it turns on! You don't have to twist the handle or anything. Just a tap is all it takes to make the water flow.

The problem with my amazing kitchen faucet is that when I go to other sinks, I forget that they don't turn on with a tap. I find myself tapping other faucets to make the water flow but nothing happens. Why is this important? Repetition creates habits. Doing the same action and getting the same results creates habits. It creates expectations.

Users of Peaceful Parent Messenger create habits too when they use the built in features the app is centered around. App users have actually said to me, using "limited chat" teaches me to write shorter messages. "I literally expect it to cut me off when I go on and on," said Steve Majors, co-parent and father of two. "It makes me think, How can I make this shorter?" I love this because being brief in co-parenting is an important part of cutting out emotional language, wordy opinions or unproductive arguments. Just get to the point and cut out the crap that negatively impacts co-parenting communication.

"Limited chat" inside Peaceful Parent Messenger is like my kitchen faucet. It helps create useful, productive, healthy habits that can help on any co-parenting journey.

Keep calm and stay peaceful. XOXO



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