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How Peaceful Parent Messenger Was Born

Necessity is the mother of invention. Many times this statement is true and it is for Peaceful Parent Messenger.

I had been struggling to communicate with my co-parent for more than two years. Our communication was so dysfunctional. I received a constant bombardment of lengthy messages that were abusive, belittling and completely inappropriate for our now separated and unmarried situation. These daily messages were devastating on my psyche and my ability to co-parent with this man who once was my husband. The simplest co-parenting message from me: "I signed the boys up for summer camps. Here are the details," sent my ex into a long diatribe about what a worthless mother I was.

When I realized we were slipping further and further into a place where the two of us were completely unable to function as a co-parenting unit with this kind of emotional abuse going on, I took every measure I could think of to stop the harassing messages. I started using a co-parenting messenger app that claimed it could help by documenting the nastiness. It didn't. The nastiness continued. I called the app company, desperate for a solution. They responded by saying something like, "We can't make co-parents be nice to each other." I talked to the police and they said that unless my ex has directly threatened to physically harm me, I did not have a harassment case. I filed contempt of court against my ex-husband and that finally worked after many, many months of desperately pleading with him to stop the abusive text messages.

In the midst of this experience, I found myself sitting on my couch crying and considering a restraining order. That didn't seem like a good option because my children's father and I still had to be able to discuss child-related matters and a restraining order would mean a complete severing of all communication. "What if someone or something could make co-parents just be civil to each other?"

Then the light bulb went on and shined a bright light on Peaceful Parent: an app made to help co-parents keeps the peace and be civil to each other. Many times the offending co-parent, or both, are unable to see their communication faults and lack the insight to reel it in. Therefore, the app must have the ability to bring forth more structure and give users the ability to set boundaries around what type of communication is acceptable to them. I thought, "I will make this app for all the co-parents out there who struggle to communicate and need to bring more peace and civility back to co-parenting!"

I believe Peaceful Parent Messenger will bring immediate peace and calm to co-parenting communications with it's features to add structure and limitations. In the long run, my hope is that it teaches parent how to communicate better and healthier!


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