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7 positive messages in 7 days! Are you up to the challenge?

We all know that 2020 was a very challenging year for many people. It wasn't just the difficulty of being in a pandemic; it most likely stressed an already challenging co-parenting situation.

However, this isn't a bitch session on how hard it's been. It's a reminder that you can still find the good stuff even in the midst of the shit storm. There were probably some good things that happened in 2020 too!

Choosing to focus on the good things can actually create more of the good and channel your focus to start producing positivity in your life. This goes for thinking about your co-parent too. Constantly focusing on the bad things about your co-parent (and for some there's a lot there to focus on) can spin your mind out into the negative. All of a sudden, the negative is all you can see because it's all you're focusing on.

I believe you an always find the good. Here are some examples:

"He's been on time for pick-ups this whole month."

"He took the children out to dinner. That's nice."

"He didn't say anything rude to me today."

"He created these beautiful children with me and I'm so grateful for that."

I'm going to throw out a challenge to all you co-parents out there...

7 grateful, positive messages in 7 days. Can you do it? I'm going to walk the walk ya'll! My actual message to my co-parent: Thank you for being consistent with your parenting time lately. We appreciate it."

I will report back to you on how the positivity with my co-parent impacted our relationship.

I can attest in my own life that when I focus on being grateful, I'm so much happier and I'm a better mom, person, friend, etc. It's so easy to slip back into negative thoughts. Why? Is it just simply easier to go there? Are our human brains more attracted to the negative?

Let's fight back and hold each other accountable for finding the positive!



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